Wayward Princess

Thank you soooo much for all your help in the preparation for our company party on June 6. I truly appreciate everything your did for us. Everyone had such a good time. Your staff was so efficient and helpful with everything we needed! The DJ was also great and played all the right music. We hope to work with you again at Christmas time. Thank you so much again.
Job Placement Agency

Dear Meaghan and the Crew of the Wayward Princess, Dan and I wanted to write to you today, to let both you and the crew aboard
the Wayward Princess, that everyone did a FABULOUS job and we were very , very pleased with our wedding reception last night.

First, Meaghan, you have been very kind, patient and more than helpful both before and during our reception. Anytime we had a question, change in plans or wanted something added, or removed, you were always quick with your responses and you were always accommodating and understanding. We are both
very happy with your courteous attitude and cheerful smile, and we could not have asked for a more professional and wonderful coordinator. Thank you so much for your help this past year, and of coarse during the reception!! Your crew were equally kind and courteous and we did not hear a single complaint, or bad word about the crew aboard the Wayward Princess. They were always smiling and quick to help both Dan, myself and our guests. They
provided a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that all the guests responded to. Well done!

The 2 captains of the Wayward Princess were amazing! They visited both me and Dan frequently throughout the night and always asked if we had a particular destination or route they should be following. They were very friendly and courteous, and were quick with a smile. ( I should note however that our request to be dropped off in Mexico was not fulfilled.) Please let them know we are very pleased and we thank them for their patience and excellent driving skills.

We had many questions throughout the night about Nautical Adventures and some of the guests showed an interest in holding future events aboard the boat. We will be more than happy to pass along our happy comments to them and we would recommend Nautical Adventures to anyone who asks. You have
done a superb job and we would love to be your "spokespeople" for our family and friends. Dan was so impressed with the staff, and especially Meaghan's courteous nature, that he recommended the boat to his work and they will be having a cruise at the end of August! We are looking forward to being the
guests this time around!

Hello Meaghan,
Please convey my gratitude to the wonderful staff and yourself for the great service we received on Sunday evening. We had a great time. By the way, the DJ was my favorite, he was so very accommodating and kind. He tried to work with me, and I am not the easiest to please musically...

The cooks and the servers were above and beyond excellent.
Please give the Captain and Crew our best regards from the happy bunch on Sunday!
Sincerely, Glenda

Dear Sharon,
We would like to thank you and your crew for an excellent evening on June 25. The food was excellent and your crew was friendly, courteous and efficient. All our staff agreed that this was one of our best summer events ever.
Yours very truly,

Hi Meaghan,
Thank you so much for everything! My compliments to the Chef. I had a lot of people commenting on how tender the chicken was, the salads were great and the desserts...the girl cut me a whopping piece of carrot cake, which was amazing, and if I could have fit some strawberry shortcake too I would have. The D.J. did a great job on the music, good variety. All of your staff were all wonderful and professional to deal with!



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